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Life Science & Pharmaceutical Law Group


Our Life Sciences Industry Group’s mission is clear – we are changing the regulatory landscape for companies doing business in Mexico. We represent many of the world’s leading innovators involved in research, development, and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biotech products, agricultural goods, chemicals, medical devices, as well as various types of food and beverages.

OLIVARES advises on a variety of IP issues for our R&D Life Sciences clients. We are widely considered the top influencer in changing the regulatory landscape in Mexico and have been the driving force setting new precedents in the following areas:

  • Data Package Exclusivity:  Earned recognition of Data Package Exclusivity rights for R&D pharma companies bringing Mexico in line with international trade agreements and treaties
  • Pharmaceutical pipeline patent term corrections:

·Linkage: Gained the inclusion of formulation patents in the linkage gazette.

·Taking a lead role in the TPP negotiations on behalf of the R&D pharma co’s working in Mexico

  • Filing amicus briefs on biologic drug regulations
  • Created a proprietary system that predicts with a much improved degree of certainty whether a drug will gain marketing authorization through COFEPRIS

Services Offered

  • Regulatory

o    Product registrations with Mexican FDA - obtaining sanitary and advertising permits

o    negotiation of agreements for the supply and distribution of health related products

o    assisting food and beverage companies with sanitary specifications in product manufacturing and product labeling

  • Intellectual Property

o    patent and trademark prosecution

o    patent and trademark litigation

o    patent advisory (all aspects), strategy and management

o    IP and corporate know-how

o    litigating governmental actions

o    Licensing

  • Finance & Transactional

o    M&A - drafting asset sale and acquisition, share purchase agreements, licensing agreements

o    Supply Chain, Distribution and operation agreements

o     document and protocol preparation

  • Non IP litigation and enforcement

o    Product Liability

o    litigating governmental actions

o    Government Investigation / Fraud and Abuse

o    ADR

  • FCPA and anti-bribery compliance
  • Privacy and personal data compliance and advisory
  • Competition and antitrust merger control compliance

Other related services:

  • we counsel certain elements of clinical trials
  • Environmental advisory  

Attorneys & Staff

Gustavo A. Alcocer

Phone: +52 (55) 5322 3060

Email: gustavo.alcocer@olivares.mx

Armando Arenas

Phone: +52(55)53223000 Ext. 3906

Email: armando.arenas@olivares.mx

Agustín Azcatl

Phone: +52(55)53223000 Ext. 3612

Email: agustin.azcatl@olivares.mx

Alonso Camargo

Phone: +52 (55) 5322 3031

Email: alonso.camargo@olivares.mx

Erwin Cruz

Phone: +52(55)53223000 Ext. 3914

Email: erwin.cruz@olivares.mx

Pedro Herrera

Phone: +52(55)53223000 Ext. 3602

Email: pedro.herrera@olivares.mx

Alejandro Luna

Phone: +52 (55) 5322 3080

Email: alejandro.luna@olivares.mx

Sergio L. Olivares, Jr.

Phone: Tel. +52 (55) 5322 3012

Email: sergio.olivares@olivares.mx

Daniel Sánchez

Phone: +52 (55) 5322 3088

Email: daniel.sanchez@olivares.mx

Alejandro Torres

Phone: +52(55)53223000 Ext. 3907

Email: alejandro.torres@olivares.mx